Femena: Right, Peace, Inclusion

Femena: Right, Peace, Inclusion
Supporting WHRDs & progressive feminist movements in MENA & Asia.

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Violence Prevention

Women’s movements in the MENA and Asia regions have focused on eliminating sexual and gender based violence against women and girls for decades. They have done this through raising awareness, advocating legal reform, and ensuring women’s political participation and representation. Through this program FEMENA strives to highlight critical issues facing women in the region. In past years, this program has highlighted violence faced by women in the public space, women’s rights to the city and urban space, prevention of harassment and gender based violence in the public space, the emergence of the MeToo movement in several countries in the region and approaches for remedying harm caused by SGBV, such as restorative justice, limitations placed on women’s bodily rights, women’s definition of security, among other topics. Activities focused on violence prevention include research and analysis, campaigns, advocacy, training, convenings, and communities of practice dedicated to the topic.

Campaigns focused on Violence Prevention

Research focused on Violence Prevention