El sueño roto de las mujeres afganas

La fotógrafa Kiana Hayeri salió de Afganistán rumbo a Doha el 15 de agosto, después de trabajar durante siete años en este país. Las afganas tienen miedo, pero sobre todo desesperanza. Y lo cuentan en primera persona.

Against All Odds – Iranian Women Will Continue to Push for Change

The outgoing president failed to deliver on his bold promises to improve women’s rights, and the next government is also unlikely to advance legal reforms or social and economic opportunities. But women in Iran will nevertheless fight for improved rights and more equality.

FEMENA's Director, Sussan Tahmasebi, contributed to POMED's Expert Q & A -Beyond Rhetoric: How Should the Biden Administration Support Human Rights and Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa?

The Biden administration has made support for human rights and democracy around the world a prominent rhetorical focus of its foreign policy.

FEMENA supports Woman Human Rights Defenders, their organizations and feminist movements through analysis of trends and policy, documentation, fostering development of regional communities of practice and advocacy.

In observance of International Women’s Day 2021, FEMENA along with five other organizations, organized the Campaign to Protect Civic Space and Support WHRDs, aimed to bring attention to the extreme pressures and backlash women human rights defenders who organize to promote women’s rights are facing in countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt and Iran. Available in Arabic, English and Farsi.

FEMENA is committed to promote greater understanding and commitment to concepts of self-care, wellbeing and integrated security, through our social media campaign, educational and training activities, discussions with experts and activists and development and compilation of resources, working with individual WHRDs and their organizations and movements in MENA.

Over the last few years we have witnessed a rise in violence against WHRDs in the MENA region. 2020 was an especially violent year, where in some instances, WHRDs received death threats and tragically, in several cases, such as in Iraq and Libya, WHRDs were killed.


FEMENA is extremely concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. We are working to support Afghan WHRDs, their organizations and the women's movement, through a variety of means, including by amplifying their voices and perspectives. We do this, in partnership with our WHRD advisors from Afghanistan and our partners. We stand in solidarity with all those who continue to fight for rights, peace and justice in Afghanistan.



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