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The Impact of Over a Year of Intensifying Conflict on Sudanese Women and Women Human Rights Defenders

Reem Abbas is a feminist journalist, researcher, political commentator, and communications professional with expertise in women’s rights and civic space.
In this interview, she discusses the repercussions of more than a year of escalating conflict and humanitarian crisis on Sudan’s women and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs). Reem provides insights into the ways that WHRDs have been combating violence, displacement, sexual violence, and exploitation through grassroots initiatives and advocacy endeavors. She underscores the critical necessity for regional and international support to empower local organizations and amplify Sudanese voices on global platforms.
Reem is also a former member of the Sudanese Women in Civic and Political Groups coordination committee, known as MANSAM, and a 2023-2024 Nonresident Fellow at The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy.