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How Egyptian WHRDs Prioritize Self-Care in Their Struggles and Activism

Nada Nashat is a physicist, lawyer, and WHRD who works at the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance as the director of Women’s public participation, which focuses on strengthening the feminist movement and works on the women, peace and security agenda, climate change, advancing social and economic rights for women, and engaging in international advocacy.

Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance is one of the pioneers in integrating self-care into its strategies. As Nada says, their journey into addressing self-care began informally in 2014, prompted by Egypt’s tumultuous situation, polarization, and political divisions that impacted them individually and within the institution and families.

In this interview, Nada speaks about the importance of self-care for WHRDs on the personal, organizational, and feminist movement levels in Egypt and how to promote a culture of personal and collective care among organizations and the movement.