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Iranian Feminists and Rights Defenders call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza and the Upholding of International Law

Two hundred and sixty eight Iranian feminists and human rights defenders have issued a statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who have been suffering unthinkable violence and brutality over the past 7 months as a result of Israel’s military offensive in Gaza. Those signing the statement call for an immediate ceasefire, criticize the continued support of Western nations of Israel’s deadly war against Palestinians and strongly urge the international community to uphold international law and hold Israel accountable for its campaign of genocide against the Palestinians.

The signatories represent a wide spectrum from among Iranian civil society and human rights community both inside the country and within the diaspora, including feminists and women’s rights activists, human rights defenders, labor rights activists, journalists, lawyers, university professors, teachers and educators, researchers, artists, writers, peace activists and political activists, including several former political prisoners. Read the full statement.


We, the undersigned Iranian feminists and rights defenders, issue this statement to express our steadfast solidarity with the Palestinian people. We extend our solidarity not only because of the unspeakable violence that Palestinians have endured for the past seven months but for the decades of an occupation that has denied them their dignity and most basic human rights. 

The currently brutal military offensive in Gaza has killed over 34,500 people, of which, according to UNICEF, over 13,000 are children. Thousands more Palestinians are thought to be dead, but uncounted, as their bodies remain trapped under rubble. More than 75,000 Palestinians have suffered injuries; many have lost limbs and have permanent disabilities. The scope, scale, and speed of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza constitutes the most intense military assault anywhere since World War II, as a result of which over 80 percent of the population has been displaced. In northern Gaza, more than 70% of the homes have been totally destroyed. The destruction includes schools, hospitals, clinics, universities, houses of worship, libraries, and heritage sites. 

In its military assault, the Israeli army has targeted doctors and other healthcare workers, humanitarian workers, university professors, and journalists. In fact, more journalists have been killed in Gaza than during any other conflict, regardless of length. Entire family lines have been obliterated. The destruction of medical facilities and the dearth of medical supplies and medicines have left the people in Gaza in a real health crisis. Doctors have been in the unthinkable position of having to perform operations and amputations on children without anesthesia. Israel’s restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza have left the population at risk of starvation. The recent discovery of mass graves of nearly 400 Palestinians at Al Nassar and Al Shifa hospitals in Gaza, with some showing signs of torture, is another example of the war crimes that have been committed. 

We note, with deep concern, that the presently estimated 1.4 million Palestinians who have been forcibly displaced to Rafah are at great risk of mass slaughter now that the Israeli army has begun a ground invasion.  

What compounds the tragedy in Gaza is the fact that Palestinians living there have experienced numerous military offensives since Israel placed the Gaza Strip under blockade in 2007. Moreover, Israel has pursued a policy of isolating the Gaza Strip and preventing its economic development since 1993. These measures have devastated Gaza’s economy and left its population highly dependent on international aid long before the current assault began. 

We are also alarmed at the current rise in violence in the West Bank, where mobs of settlers have been attacking Palestinians and destroying their property, and where the Israeli army has carried out raids and has arrested at least 8,000 Palestinians since October. The current escalation of violence comes on top of a brutal military occupation that has robbed Palestinians of their basic human rights on a daily basis. 

As human rights defenders and activists, we are especially discouraged to see the little weight given to international humanitarian and human rights law, as Israel flagrantly violates them. Early in the current military campaign, a number of legal scholars issued a statement warning of the potential for genocide in Gaza. Since then, the International Court of Justice issued an interim ruling, ordering the Israeli state to take all measures within its power to prevent genocide. Even a federal court in the United States has found that there may be a plausible case of genocide in Gaza. Despite this, and despite multiple efforts by the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council to pass resolutions calling for a ceasefire, Israel’s violence goes unabated. 

Currently, on university campuses around the world, students are rising up to condemn these atrocities, and calling for a ceasefire and justice for Palestinians. We are alarmed at the violent suppression of these movements, especially in the United States, where the right to free speech and assembly are enshrined in its constitution.

As human rights activists from a country where we have struggled to hold our government to account for human rights violations, we look to international law mechanisms to seek redress for the injustices we have suffered. We are dismayed to see these institutions and mechanisms undermined and put at great risk of being rendered completely irrelevant as a result of the double standards being applied to the state of Israel. It is deeply troubling to see the same countries that purport to support human rights offering military, financial, and political support to Israel, even in the face of abundantly clear evidence of Israel’s countless international crimes.  

We fear that the international community’s unwillingness to put an end to this unparalleled scale of violence will only normalize heinous atrocities in all future conflicts. We are also concerned about the expansion and repercussions of this conflict in our region and for our work as rights activists.

Therefore, we call on the international community–and specifically, countries that are currently supporting the Israeli state–to push for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and the unobstructed provision of humanitarian aid to Palestinians. We call on the supporters of Israel, and especially the US, Germany, and the UK, to end their military aid to the country and press for the entry of independent UN investigators into Gaza, where they can investigate allegations of war crimes and genocide. 

Realizing that there can be no peace without justice, we call on the international community to work toward an end to the occupation and a just peace for Palestinians, in line with international human rights standards. 


Adam Baranzehi, Civil Society Activist

Adeleh Samimi, Psychologist

Afi Shohreh    

Afrooz Maghzi, Feminist and Lawyer

Afsaneh Khajavi, Rights Activist

Aida Qajar, Feminist and Journalist

Aida Saadat, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Akbar Zamani Pour, Freedom Activist

Al Banifazl, Human Rights Supporter

Alborz Ghandehari, Professor of Ethnic and Gender Studies

Ali Akbar Mousavi, Digital Rights Researcher and Advocate

Ali Nadimi, Political Activist

Ali Vaezipour, Physician

Alireza Hassani, Poet and Translator

Arash Zaryabi, Project Manager

Ashraf Milani, Women’s Rights Activist

Asieh AliNejad, Women’s Rights Activist

Assal Rad, Historian

Atena Kamel 

Atieh Pirhayati, Women’s Rights Activist

Avatef Asadian, Leila Mahmoudi Eyvagh

Azadeh Bizargiti, Writer and Filmmaker

Azadeh Chavoshian, Woman’s Rights Activist

Azadeh Forghani, Social Activist

Azadeh Peyman, Scientist

Azadeh Sadeghi, Documentary Filmmaker

Azadeh Sobout, Researcher and University Professor

Azadeh Tajpour, Visual Artist

Azam Akbarzadeh, Civil Society Activist

Azam DehSoufiyani, Researcher

Azam Zati, Chemist

Azar Mahloujian, Writer

Azin Mohajerin, Feminist and WHRD

Bahar Sharifi, PhD

Bahareh Besharati    

Bahareh Soleimani, Marxist Activist

Bahereh Alamdari     

Bahereh Hafezi          

Bamdad Jabali, Painter and Graphic Designer

Bamdad Moujani, Graphic Artists

Banafsheh Madaninejad, Executive Director at Bulbul Collective, Human Rights Organizer

Banafsheh Ranji, Researcher

Barbod Golshiri, Artist and Critic

Behnaz Farmanbar, Peace Activist

Behrang Jabali, Translator

Darya Moosavi, Feminist Activist/Cancer Researcher

Delaram Ali, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Denna Millet, Program Manager at Human Rights Organization

Dorsa Sobhani, Pychotherapist and WHRD

Effat Mahbas, Human Rights Defender

Ehteram Shadfar, Women’s Rights Activists

Elahe Sadr, Immigration and Asylum Advisor

Elahe Amani, Feminist, Peace Activist and University Professor

Elham Rahmati, Artist

Elnaz Ansari, Writer

Esha Momeni, Feminist and University Lecturer

Faezeh Peyman, Engineer

Farakhroo Maghzi, Psychologist

Farhad Davari, Retired Labor Activist

Farkhondeh Ghorbani, Educator

Farkhondeh Jabarzadegan, Social Activist

Farnoosh Hashemian, Human Rights Lawyer

Fatan Jokar, Women’s Rights Activist

Fateme Fanaeian, Journalist

Fatemeh Hassanpour, Writer

Fatemeh Norouzi, Translator and Social Researcher

Fatemeh Rezaei, Human Rights Defender

Fazel Ganji, Researcher and Social Activist

Fereshte Tousi, Feminist and WHRD

Fereshteh Jamshidi, Huamn Rights Activist

Fery Malek Madani, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Firouzeh Mohajer, Feminist and Translator

Firouzeh Nouri

Firouzeh Rad, Women’s Rights Activist and Leftist Political Activist

Ghamar Fallah, Women’s Rights Activist

Ghonche Ghavami, Women’s Rights Activist

Gohar Shemirani, Women’s Rights Activist

Guissou Jahangiri, Vice President International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

Haideh Daragahi, Writer, Journalist and Feminist

Hajar Moradi, Artist

Haleh MirMiri, Student of Wome and Gender Studies

Hamed Farmand, Children’s Rights Activist

Hamid Roshan, Media Activist

Hanieh Jodat, Political Consultant

Hengame Fallah, Artist and Social Activist

Hengameh Hoveyda Author and Sociologist

Hesam Salamat, Researcher and Sociologist

Hosein Derakhshan, Researcher and Journalist

Hossein Raeesi, Human Rights Lawyer

Iman Vaghefi, Independent Researcher

Jaleh Rouhzadeh, Women’s Rights Activist-Retired

Jaleh Taleb Hariri, Women’s Rights Activist

Jasmin Ramsey, Feminist and WHRD

Jila Baniyagoub, Journalist

Jila Golanbar, Journalist

Kazem Motevali, Civil Society Activist

Kowsar Gowhari, Lawyer

Laleh Janipour, Engineer

Leila Asadi, Feminist and Refugee Rights Advocate

Leila Heidari, Attorney at Law and Masters of Human Rights

Leila Mahmoudi Eyvaq, Programmer

Leila Seyfollahi, Social Activist

Leila Shafaie, Lawyer

Mahboubeh Hosseinzadeh, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Mahdieh Golroo, Women’s Rights Activist

Mahdieh Javid, Human Rights Activist and Lawyer

Mahdieh Zohdi, Women’s Rights Activist

Mahin Fahimi, Historian

Mahnaz Tonekaboni, Educator

Mahsa Amrabadi, Journalist

Mahsa AssadollahNejad      

Mahsa Khanbabai, Attorney

Mahvash Dalai, Women’s Rights Activist

Majid Maleki, Political and Women’s Rights Activist

Majid Tamjidi, Social Worker

Mali Boreyri

Maliheh Zehtab, Women’s Rights Activist

Mani Mostofi, Human Rights Lawyer

Mania Akbari, Feminist Filmmaker

Manijeh Khani

Mansoureh Behkish, Women’s Rights Activist

Mansoureh Khosroshahi, Women’s Rights Activist

Mansoureh Shoajeei, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Marya Ashrafi, Documentary Photographer

Maryam Anvari, Psychologist

Maryam Arbab, Social Activist

Maryam Bahreman, Women’s Rights Activist

Maryam Fathi, Women’s Rights Activist

Maryam Rahmani, Women’s Rights Advocate

Maryam Rezaei, Journalist and Woman’s Rights Activist

Maryam ShirinSokhan, Women’s Rights Activist

Maryam Tadayon, Women’s Rights Researcher

Maryam Zandi, Women’s Rights Advocate

Masoume Ganjei, Writer and Cinema Teacher

Mehdi Mahmoudian, Human Rights Defender

Mehrangiz Ramezani, Social Activist

Mehraveh (Somayeh) Mousavi Jahanabadi, Writer and Documentary Filmmaker/Women and Children’s Rights Activist

Mehrnaz Khodayar, Educator

Mehrnoosh Mazarei, Writer

Mehrnoosh Oshtarani   

Mehrnoush Etemadi, Feminist and WHRD

Mercedeh Momeni, Civil Rights Attorney

Mina Fakhravar, Feminist Researcher and Activist

Mina Farahmand, Educator

Mina Keshavarz, Filmmaker

Minoo Mortazi, Women’s Rights Activist and Researcher

Mitra Farahani, Engineer

Mohamad Karim Asayesh     Researcher and Civil society Activist

Mohammad Khosravi, Equal Rights and Democracy Activist

Mohammad Mehdi Hatef, Researcher on Philosophy

Mohsen Khoshbin, Labor Rights Activist

Mojgan Dastory, Publisher

Mojtaba Nazari, Leftist Political Activist

Mona Moafi, Civil Society Activist

Mona Tajali, Women’s Rights Advocate

Nader Hashemi, Associate Professor

Nahal Sharafi, Physicist

Nahid Motie , Researcher

Nahid Navab, Artist and Women’s Rights Supporter

Nahid Siamdoust, Assistan Professor, Media and Middle East Studies

Narges Azari, Sociologist and Researcher

Narges Keshavarznia, Digital Rights Activist

Narges Shahkar         

Nasim Khosravi, Writer/Theater Maker

Nasrin Isfandary        

Nasrin Navab

Nasrin Taatian, Educator and Civil Society Activist

Nastaran Ahmadi, Journalist

Nayereh Tavakoli, Women Studies and Sociology Professor

Nazanin Khosravani, Journalist

Nazli Kamvari, Researcher and Writer

Nazy Azima, Writer and Translator

Nazy Oskouie, Women’s Rights Adovacte

Neda Milani, Educator and Researcher

Neda Pelar, Scientist and Social Activist

Negin Khazaee, LGBTQI Rights Activist

Niayesh Dolati, Researcher and Sociologist

Niki Akhavan,  University Professor

Niloofar Rasooli, Writer

Nima Alavi, Writer

Nooshin Nikpour

Noushin Keshavarznia, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Nusaybah Subhani, Women’s Rights Activist

Omid Kharazmian, Civil Society Activist

Pantea Pezeshkan, Freelance Photographer

Parastou Hassouri, Lawyer

Parisa Kakaee, Women and Children’s Rights Activist

Parvaneh Azimi, Woman’s Rights Activist

Parvaneh Chaman, Teacher

Parvaneh Qasemian, Retired Teacher

Parvin Ardalan, Feminist Activist

Parvin Fahimi Social and Peace Activist

Parvin Samadzadeh  Reitred Social Worker

Parvin Zarabi  Women’s Rights and Environmental Activist

Peter Behravesh, Writer

Raha Askarizadeh, Women’s Rights Activist

Reza Esfahani, Labor Rights Activist

Rezvaneh Mohammadi, Human Rights and LGBTQ+ Rights Defender

Roja Fazaeli, Professor at the Irish Center for Human Rights, University of Galway

Roozbeh Kamali, Poet, Writer and Journalist

Rosa Sabet, Journalist and Human Rights Activist

Roya Saidi      

Saeed Hormozy, Equality Rights Defender

Sahar Maranlou, Feminist, Lawyer and University Lecturer

Sahar Hatami Lahaghi, Social Activist

Salome MC, Multimedia Artist & Educator

Saloumeh Rahimi, Feminist and Women and Gender Studies Student

Saman Ghazali, Journalist and Environmental Activist

Samira Banihashemi Student

Sanaz Hamzeali, Sociologist

Sara Afrasiyabi, Psychologist, Writer and Feminist

Sara Laghaie 

Sara Loghmani, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Sedeghe Gharagozlisn 

Sepideh Khosrowjah Filmmaker and Playwright

Sepideh Rezaein, Equal Rights and Environmental Activist

Setareh Sabety, Blogger

Shadi Mokhtari, Assistant Professor, American University

Shaghayegh Norouzi Gender Equality Activist

Shahin Nawai, Feminist and Scientist

Shahla Feizi

Shahpar Bamdad      

Shahriar Tahari, Artist and Human Rights Activist

Shahrzad Arshadi, Artist/ Feminist and Social Justice Activist

Shahrzad Hashemi, Women’s Rights Activist

Shahrzad Najafi, Lawyer

Shain Pooya, Women’s Rights Activist

Shervin Aazami          

Shiba Malek, Educator

Shirin Asa, Researcher

Shirin Karimi, Researcher and Translator

Shirin Saeidi, Associate Professor of Political Science Director of King Fahd Center, University of Arkansas

Shiva Dolatabadi, Psychologist

Shiva Ghalvazi, Filmmaker

Shiva Nazarahari, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Shohreh Ghanbary, Political and Women’s Rights Activist, Former Political Prisoner

Sholeh Irani, Journalist

Siamak Naseri, Lawyer

Sima Shakhsari, University Professor

Simin Isfahani, Women’s Rights and Political Activist

Simin Mortazavi, Teacher

Sina Toossi, Human Rights Activist and Analyst

Soghra Moosavi, Children’s Rights Activist

Somayeh Rashidi, Feminist, and WHRD

Sonya Ghafary, Women’s Rights Activist

Sorour AliMohamadi, Sociologist and Political Activist

Srwa Hassani Woman, Life, Freedom Activist

Sudabeh Farokhnia   Women’s Rights Advocate

Surur Jackson             

Sussan Parvar, Artist

Sussan Tahmasebi, Feminist and Women’s Rights Activist

Suzan Karimi, Feminist Writer

Tahmine Mofidi, Women’s Rights Advocate

Tina Bonyad, Researcher

Yaghma Fashkhami, Journalist

Yasmin Moaf, Researcher and Student in International Relations and Philosophy

Zabiyano Judaki, Civil Society Activist and Laborer

Zahra Ajerloo, Educator

Zahra Kohram, Child Rights Advocate

Zahra Sadeghi, Human Rights Professional

Zahra Zamani

Zara Amjadian, Women’s Rights Activist

Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Legal Anthropologist

Zohreh Asadpour, Women’s Rights Activist

Zohreh AzizAbadi, Sociologist

Zohreh Moieny, Women’s Rights Activist

Zohreh Taravati, Women’s Rights Activist

Zohreh Tonekaboni, Political and Civil Society Activist