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A Reign of Terror: Afghanistan’s Human Rights Situation Two Years After the Taliban Takeover

Since the forceful takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021, the country has plunged into one of the world’s most severe human rights crises, grappling with a deteriorating humanitarian situation. Under the Taliban’s oppressive rule, the people of Afghanistan have had their most basic rights violated, as the group has reverted to implementing policies similar to those from the 1990s.

Various vulnerable groups, including women, marginalized ethnic and religious communities, LGBTQ+ individuals, former government, military, and police officials, judges, lawyers, journalists, and civil society members, face persecution under the Taliban’s reign. The situation in Afghanistan has been worsened by the increasing poverty rates, with over 28 million people depending on humanitarian assistance. However, the delivery of aid has been disrupted by the Taliban’s interference and their restrictions on women’s employment in international aid agencies.

Two years into their rule, the Taliban have taken extreme measures to erase women from society entirely, severely impacting the livelihoods and dignity of the Afghan people. The country continues to face numerous challenges as it struggles to cope with the harsh realities imposed by the Taliban’s rule.

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