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The Killing of Mahsa Amini: Iran’s Growing Protest Movement and a Challenge to The Regime/The New Arab Voice

The New Arab Voice: The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has sparked mass protests across Iran.

In at least 86 towns and cities, people – from different classes, backgrounds, and genders – have taken to the streets.

Demands for accountability after Mahsa’s brutal death, which occurred while she was in the custody of the so-called morality police, have morphed into a wider challenge to the Iranian state.

Despite the use of disproportionate force and live ammunition by authorities, the protesters are not backing down – risking their lives for the hope of a better future.

This week on The New Arab Voice looks at Mahsa’s brutal killing and why this has struck a chord with thousands of Iranians. Is this Iran’s tipping point? Can the Islamic Republic ever go back to the way it was?

This episode features Sussan Tahmasebi (@sussantweets), director of FEMENA, an organization that supports women’s organizations in the MENA region; Sanam Naraghi Anderlini MBE (@sanambna), Founder and CEO of International Civil Action Network ICAN and Hadi Ghaemi (@hadighaemi), executive director of the Centre for Human Rights in Iran.

This podcast is written and produced by Rosie McCabe with help from  Hugo Goodridge. Theme music by Omar al-Fil.

Other music by Blue Dot Sessions.

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