Femena: Right, Peace, Inclusion

Femena: Right, Peace, Inclusion
Supporting WHRDs & progressive feminist movements in MENA & Asia.

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On International Human Rights Day, Femena along with six other regional and international human rights and women’s rights organizations issued a statement urging action and support for WHRDs in the MENA region who are facing unprecedented pressure and violence. The statement calls on governments in the region to live up to their obligations and end their harassment of WHRDs. It calls on the international community to take concrete steps to protect women human rights defenders and international human rights mechanisms which are being weakened.

The statement was issued on the last day of a solidarity Campaign, “Protect and Support WHRDs in MENA” which aimed to raise awareness through social media and advocacy, about the situation of WHRDs in MENA. The Campaign coincided with 16 Days of Activism against Violence Against Women, November 25-December 10, 2020.

Organizations involved in the Campaign include AWID, CSBR, DAWN, Femena, HRW, ISHR and WHRD MENA Coalition.

For #16Days Femena launches a Campaign to bring attention to increasing & systematic pressure against WHRDs in MENA who have experienced a deadly & violent 2020. Help us amplify that Together we can.