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Berfu Seker, feminist&WHRD from Turkey: “We have seen in the process of withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, the government, president and his political party AKP, don’t understand that violence against women stems from gender inequality.”

Ezel Buse Sönmezocak feminist&WHRD from Turkey: “I think there is a reality that we can’t quickly forget: the rate of women killing is becoming visible day by day, maybe because of social media, or alternative ways of communication, growing [influence of] civil society organizations or student clubs….we believe that the number is not growing year by year but becoming visible.”

Nisan Alici is a woman’s rights advocate and Peace Activist from Turkey and the Co-founder of Demos Research Association for Peace, Democracy, and Alternative Politics. Nisan spoke at FEMENA‘s parallel event at the CSW 65 and discussed the situation of women and the feminist movement in Turkey.