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Supporting WHRDs in Afghanistan

Supporting WHRDs in Afghanistan

Over 1200 Afghan and Iranian women and civil society activists have signed a statement demanding an immediate cease fire as well as protections for Afghan civilians. This statement which has been signed by many leading women human rights defenders in both countries emphasizes that the women of Afghanistan are equal citizens and goes on to demand that the protection of women’s rights be a prerequisite to any future peace talks.

The Statement in English and in Farsi

Support Afghan Women Activists Fleeing Taliban

Afghanistan Coverage

El Pais – 04 September 2021 

El sueño roto de las mujeres afganas

31 August 2021

FEMENA and AWID in solidarity with Afghan women and WHRDs

23 August 2021

Written statement submitted to the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council

18 August 2021

“Women of the World be the Voice of Afghan Women”

17 August 2021

“Please Don’t Betray Us, Don’t Distort the Narrative”

Interview of Zubaida Akbar by Sepideh Ashrafi

17 August 2021

FEMENA‘s partner Humira Saqeb, a leading journalist and WHRD has been interviewed by El Pais newspaper on the situation of Afghanistan.

17 August 2021

Zubaida Akbar, FEMENA’s WHRD advisor, speaks to BBC about the situation in Afghanistan and the impact on women.

17 August 2021

Zubaida Akbar a leading women’s rights activist and FEMENA‘s WHRD Advisor has been interviewed by CBC about the situation in Afghanistan.