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Hijab protests in Iran

Feminists and WHRDs Detained

It has been over two months since the start of the “Women, Life, Freedom” uprising in Iran. Through five reports since the start of the protests, FEMENA documented 118 arrests of WHRDs, including female university students. The current report highlights cases of 30 more WHRDs, bringing the total of cases documented to 148. While a small portion of those arrested have been temporarily released on bail, their cases pending trial, the majority of WHRDs arrested continue to remain in prison in harsh conditions.

Feminists and WHRDs Detained

The feminist uprising in Iran has now turned into a revolution, with women and schoolgirls at the forefront of the nationwide protests. Security forces continue to arrest protesters and rights defenders, including scores of WHRDs, student activists, civil society actors, and journalists on a daily basis. In this report, the fifth in a series, FEMENA has documented the arrests of WHRDs, bringing the number of those documented to 118. We call on international organizations and the UN to take note of these WHRDs and continue to press for their release.

UN Human Rights Council must hold a special session on Iran

FEMENA joins over 40 human rights organizations to call on the UN Human Rights Council to hold a special session and independently investigate the rights violations being committed in Iran. Read the statement


Feminists and WHRDs Detained

Nearly a month has passed since the start of protests sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the ‘Morality” police for improper hijab. During this time WHRDs and Feminists have been broadly targeted for arrest. Read our fourth report in a series documenting the arrest of WHRDs in relation to the protests.

We Stand in Solidarity with Iranian Women and Protesters

162 feminist, women’s rights, human rights & peace organizations working in 37 countries, regionally and internationally, have issued a statement expressing solidarity with Iranian women and protesters and supporting their demands for democracy, fundamental freedoms and bodily autonomy.


Read Our Statement In FarsiIn English, or In Arabic


Student Activists Arrested

University students including female students, were among the first groups to organize protests following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, and have been especially targeted for arrest.

Feminists and WHRDs Detained

In this report, the second in a series, FEMENA has compiled a list of detained WHRDs based on credible reports, including news reports or social media posts from trusted individuals, family members, and colleagues. 

Feminists and WHRDs Detained

Since the start of mass protests in Iran following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by “Morality” police for improper hijab, scores of ordinary citizens and rights defenders have been arrested. Read our report in a series documenting the arrest of twelve WHRDs in relation to the protests.

Protests continue in Iran

Interview with Sussan Tahmasebi – The World – Sep. 21, 2022 · 4:08 PM EDT

Protests continue in various cities across Iran in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died last week while in the custody of Iran’s morality police. Amini was being held for violating the country’s strictly enforced Islamic dress code. Iranian women and their supporters are taking to the streets to burn their hijabs, risking arrest. Marco Werman speaks with Iranian women’s rights activist Sussan Tahmasebi about why this incident seems to have galvanized Iranian women. 

FEMENA joins over 30 other rights groups calling upon the Iranian authorities to ensure internet access during protests in Kurdistan province following the killing of Mahsa Amini.

Read our Statement 

Mahsa Amini: facial recognition to hunt down hijab rebels in Iran

by Sanam Mahoozi | Thomson Reuters Foundation

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