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Protect and Support WHRD's in MENA

2020 was deadly & violent for #WHRDS in #MENA. For #16Days we launch a Campaign to bring attention to increasing & systematic pressures against them

Free Solafa Magdy Sallam – Egyptian WHRD

Solafa Magdy Sallam is an Egyptian #WHRD​ and award winning #journalist​ who has been held in pretrial detention for a year. She was beaten at time of arrest and is suffering from poor health in prison.

Free Sepideh Qoliyan, Iranian WHRD

Sepideh Qoliyan is an Iranian WHRD & labor rights activist serving a 5-yr prison sentence. She was tried & sentenced on security charges for advocating the rights of Iranian workers & for speaking up about the practice of torture.

Free Saudi WHRDs Loujain and Samar

After more than 2 years in prison, WHRDs Loujain and Samar, appeared in court on Nov 26th, to find they may now be facing terrorism charges. This is unacceptable! Advocating women’s rights is not terrorism. Saudi needs to free imprisoned WHRDs now.

Support and protect WHRDs in Iraq

Iraqi WHRDs are facing death threats & assassinations. They are are too fearful to speak up. Pressures increased after mass protests demanding government accountability. Iraq authorities & militias need to immediately end threats against WHRDs.

Free Alieh Motalebzadeh, Iranian WHRD

Alieh Motalebzadeh is serving a 3-year prison term for advocating women’s rights. First-time Alieh went to prison she was only 17. It was 1982 during the repressive aftermath of Iran’s Revolution. Iran needs to end its persecution of WHRDs.

Support Eren Keskin, Turkish WHRD

Eren Keskin is a prominent lawyer in Turkey & has been arrested multiple times for her human rights work. Sentenced to 7.5 years in prison b/c of articles published in a newspaper she co-edits & Eren is awaiting appeals. Turkey must end the persecution of WHRDs.

Free Saudi WHRDs

Saudi Arabia has adopted necessary women’s rights reforms to demonstrate commitment to progress. Ironically WHRDs advocating for these same rights remain in prison. Saudi needs to immediately release WHRDs Nassima AlSada, Nouf Abdulaziz & Maya’a Alzahrani.

Support WHRDs

In their relentless attack on civil society & WHRDs, Egyptian authorities have turned Egypt into an open air prison, by indefinitely banning leading WHRDs including Azza Soliman from travel. Egypt needs to drop all charges & lift travel bans in case 173.

Free Sepideh Kashani, Iranian environmentalist

Sepideh Kashani a civil society activist and environmentalist, is serving a 6yr prison sentence. She was tried on espionage charges, for protecting Iran’s environment. She has been denied due process & must be released immediately.

Support Sebnam Korur Fincanci

Sebnam Korur Fincanci is scholar&WHRD from Turkey. she has worked to expose torture for decades. she is facing terrorism charges for involvement in a freedom of expression campaign. Turkish authorities must facilitate work of WHRD not persecute them.

Support Sanna Seif

Sanna Seif is an Egyptian human rights activist currently in pretrial detention. Sanna was previously detained in 2014 and sentenced to 3 years. On June 23, she was arrested again and charged with “disseminating false news, inciting terrorist crimes and misuse of media.
Egypt need to #FreeSanna​ now.

Support Jila Karamzadeh Makvandi

Jila Karamzadeh Makvandi is an Iranian WHRD sentenced to 5 years in prison. She is being persecuted for defending rights of peaceful protesters killed by security forces. Iranian authorities must free Jila and investigate killing of protesters.

Support Şevval Kilic

LGBTI rights defenders are systematically marginalized, and frequently stigmatized in Turkey.We strongly urge Turkish officials to uphold the rights of all citizens, in line with national and international obligations. Turkey must end its harassment of LGBTI community and LGBTI rights defenders.

Free Egyptian WHRD, Hoda Abdel-Moneim

Egyptian WHRD and human rights lawyer Hoda Abdel-Moneim, has been in pre-trial detention since she was forcibly disappeared in Nov 2018. She is facing terrorism charges and has reportedly suffered a heart attack in detention. Egypt needs to #FreeHoda​ now.