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Based on credible reports, over 170 WHRDs have been arrested so far, but these figures are conservative as not all arrests are reported due to fear of repercussions. The current report highlights cases of 30 more WHRDs, bringing the total of cases documented to 148. 

Security forces continue to arrest protesters and rights defenders, including scores of WHRDs, student activists, civil society actors, and journalists on a daily basis. In this report, the fifth in a series, FEMENA has documented the arrests of WHRDs, bringing the number of those documented to 118. 

Joint Letter

19 Organizations Urge Biden to Secure Human Rights Progress Before Meeting Egypt’s al-Sisi


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Nearly a month has passed since the start of protests sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the ‘Morality” police for improper hijab. During this time WHRDs and Feminists have been broadly targeted for arrest. Read our fourth report in a series documenting the arrest of WHRDs in relation to the protests.


162 women’s rights, human rights & peace orgs working in 37 countries, regionally & globally, have issued a statement expressing solidarity withIranian women & protesters & supporting their demands for democracy, bodily autonomy & fundamental freedoms. #MahsaAmini

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University students including female students, were among the first groups to organize protests following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, and have been especially targeted for arrest.

Read FEMENA‘s 3rd report in a series documenting the arrests of female student activists.

In this report, the second in a series, FEMENA has compiled a list of detained WHRDs based on credible reports, including news reports or social media posts from trusted individuals, family members, and colleagues.

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Since the start of mass protests in Iran following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, scores of ordinary citizens and rights defenders have been arrested. 

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FEMENA joins over 30 other rights groups calling upon the Iranian authorities to ensure internet access during protests in Kurdistan province following the killing of Mahsa Amini.

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End Campaign of Repression against Palestinian Human Rights Organizations and Defenders

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Afghan Women and the Taliban – A Year of Resistance. A year has passed since the fall of Afghanistan.  

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Halt Attacks against Feminist Accounts on Instagram

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Governments in the MENA Region: Take Bold Actions to End gender-based Violence and Femicide

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Rejuvenating the Iranian Population: Endangering Women’s Rights and Health

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The Taliban Aim to Erase Women from the Public Space in Afghanistan

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گزارش وضعیت، افغانستان

تلاش طالبان برای حذف زنان از رسانه
گامی بلند به سوی حذف زنان از جامعه