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FEMENA talks with Parastou Hassouri about the situation of refugees in the MENA region & how Covid19 is impacting them.


Defending at Risk and Under Threat WHRDs

FEMENA seeks to raise awareness about pressures on WHRDs in MENA and Asia, in particular those working in contexts where civil society space is limited and rights activists are regularly persecuted.

Webinar: The Gendered Impact of Sanctions

FEMENA co-hosting a critical discussion on the gendered impact of sanctions in Iraq, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, along with CODEPINK and Sanctions Kill. 

Femena supports Woman Human Rights Defenders, their organizations and feminist movements through analysis of trends and policy, documentation, fostering development of regional communities of practice and advocacy.

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Femena4 weeks ago
June 20, is World Refugee Day. Listen to Pasrastou Hassouri talk with FEMENA about the situation of Refugees in MENA region.

This interview was conducted by FEMENA’s Director, Sussan Tahmasebi, as part of our “In Conversation with Women Human Rights Defenders” series.

Parastou Hassouri is a lawyer and University Lecturer with expertise on International Refugee Law. She has been a staunch advocate for rights of refugees, especially women and children for nearly 2 decades.

In this excellent interview Parastou describes the current situation of refugees in MENA countries, how the pandemic has made these communities even more vulnerable and what you can do to help.

FEMENA Interview: Situation of Refugees in MENA Region & Impact of #COVID19
In Conversation with Women Human Rights Defenders Sussan Tahmasebi, FEMENA’s Director, talks with Parastou Hassouri on the Situation of Refugees in the MENA …
Femena4 weeks ago
🚨On June 18 a court hearing will take place as part of the criminalization process against Egyptian feminist and women human rights defender Mozn Hassan from Nazra for Feminist Studies

🗣We demand that all charges be dropped against her and a stop of criminalization of human rights groups in Egypt!

Standing up for Mozn
#WHRDs #Egypt #WomensRights #HumanRights

6 hours ago
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7 hours ago
I say #noexecutioniniran ⛔️ because protest is not a crime and must not be punished, I call on #Iranian authorities to address the root causes of public claims, instead of suppressing them, and to respect the right to freedom of assembly and of association
23 hours ago
#StopExecutionsinIran is trending. Iranians are protesting the upholding of death a sentence for three peaceful protesters, who took part in Nov protests. The judicial process has been severely flawed as indicated by this report.

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